Head Tutor, Carron Aldridge, trained under the NZAMD original syllabus and later completed additional exams in the more recent NZAMD American Tap Syllabus.

At Azure, correct technique is important to us, as is sequential skill development. It is important that work prepares students both mentally and physically to take on increasingly demanding steps and combinations in a manner that trains their bodies for strength and safety and avoids injury.

We feel that the Glenn Wood Tap Syllabus (GWT), launched in 2014, combines this sequential skill development with solid technique appropriate for competitive work and, most importantly, FUN! GWT has a philosophy that examinations should be both enjoyable and rewarding and set out to make the process less daunting than many other well known syllabi. Sitting formal exams is encouraged, but not compulsory. Exams are generally around Term Three.

GWT levels consist of;

  • Barre activities
  • Individual steps
  • Combinations

                  and, from level 2 onwards;

  • Routine(s) – performance quality 
  • Turning technique activities

Students will learn to perform individually and as part of a team as various performance opportunities throughout the year present the chance to learn and perform group items for the stage.

Individual/Duo/Trio competition work is available for exisiting students. Competition students are expected to also regularly attend a weekly exam level group lesson, however, sitting the formal examination is optional.

Christchurch’s own Bailey Graham, dancing in the Glenn Wood style. Bailey is a former student of New Zealand’s only registered examiner for GWT, Jan Ruardy.

Level Two students perform for family at the end of 2021. They learnt this dance in just 6 weeks and all but one are in their first year of instruction. We look forward to perfecting this performance in the new year.